Accomplish Anything
with the right people, processes, and technologies.

I'm a fractional Chief Information Officer helping businesses large and small implement and manage practical solutions that meet specific business needs. As a life-long entrepreneur with almost 30 years of IT experience, I bring a holistic approach to problem-solving that focuses on value first. In short, I help businesses do business better.

Be the change you want to see in your business.

Solve People Problems

Get the right people in the right positions -- and keep them there. Manage recruitment and retention even in the most challenging job markets.

Run Your Business On Auto-Pilot

Eliminate guess-work and human error with standard policies and procedures that flesh out the most important processes in your business.

Make Technology Work For You

Improve daily productivity and reduce busywork with the most cost-effective technologies, automation, and integration.

Plan For Success

Create simple and effective plans for improving your business, including a system for monitoring progress and tracking success.